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Voltron Defender of the Universe - Intro
(c) 1984 World events Productions / Toe Animation /Dreamworks Media

*sigh* watching this makes me feel like a little girl all over again. :D
Beyond the Farthest Star
1- Beyond the farthest star. (c) 1973 Gene Roddenberry
Synopsis: The crew of the enterprise respond to a strange signal emanating from a dead star as if someone, Or something needs help.
The crew only find what remains of a star-ship that was destroyed by it's own crew, But why would they do such a maneuver?
Star Trek [The Animated Series] Ep2 S1
Season 1 Episode 2 [Yesteryear]
(c) 1973 Gene Roddenberry
Synopsis: Spock travels back in time to save his younger self.
Hello everyone! It's an Update, Or rather a sort of - Continuation. Actually it's really about some of the reactions I got from
Friends , family and all my peeps here on DA.

Well... Where do I start? I guess- I can start from the part where I mentioned that I wanted a Larger chest, Or in my case, Larger , fuller breasts.
I first started by posting here in a previous journal entry and the reaction I got was mostly positive. I want to thank you all for your support in my endeavor for larger breasts.

All of this really made me feel great about myself, I usually look feedback from people with honest opinions. I do realize that there are always going to be those that live in the shadows, The type of people who usually don't have a open mind, or lack intelligence and or enlightenment.

Well, some of those nay-Sayers, where actually some of my own family members. I finally gathered enough nerve to tell my mom what I wanted to do. I broke the ice with her by sitting down Girl to woman in a serious conversation. Can you guess my mom's reaction? Obviously, She thought the worse! She asked me first If I was pregnant!!! (OMG HELL NO!) When I finally told her that I was getting EVEN larger breasts, Her reaction was ..  " Jane! Why do you want larger breast for?, Aren't you big enough already?"
"But, Mom, You don't understand! I want to do this! whether you approve or not!" So, she asked exactly how much bigger I wanted to get.
I told her Triple F size. Her jaw dropped and she was silent for a very awkward while. My mom concluded that I was somehow addicted to some
Drug, and I wanted to continue taking it. The other thing she said was that she wanted me to get a Doctors check up, Because she didn't believe me when I told her that I wasn't taking drugs.  So , I agreed- Just to shut her up.

I was so upset that now I decided to go all the way to an 'H'  size. I don't care what she thinks, I'm going for it.
I even got talks from other people that are very close to my mom, trying to tell me about all the Negative things associated with a girl that has giant tits. Stuff like, that having such large breasts would put me at risk for cancer, Or things like my back is going to break from having all that
weight on my chest.
 and even things like  some pervert on the street is going to rape you, and your child is going to be a bastard!.
Can you believe this shit?

Well, in all honesty, I have gotten offers already from porn-star producers, offering me all sorts of money for a chance of some guy having his way with me, OK so that does sound good to some extent, But no, I decline them every time, I DON'T  want to be a porn-star, I just want to be a girl with a super large chest! That's all.

That's not the bad part, The bad part is getting all sorts of stupid pick-up lines of would be "Suitors" that think have even a remote chance of getting into my pants. Stuff like  "When you want a real man, let me know"  which will most likely be never.

The other thing is , the only good man I ever had, my boyfriend broke up with me for the same reason. He did express how much he adored my body already, but having a girlfriend with super giant tits according to him, would be an "abomination", it would be beyond anything that is normal.

So it seems that I am alone in this endeavor. I'm still going for it. regardless of what my mom or anyone else thinks.


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